Rewarding your employees has enormous benefits.

Modern businesses don’t have to think twice 

about prioritizing workplace lunch programs.

Reap The Rewards Of Rewarding Your Employees.

Companies would be wise to learn from what Google and Apple have long understood: offering tasteful, high-quality food programs is an effective way to motivate, retain, and recruit employees in many industries facing skilled talent shortages. Lunch can be the ultimate job perk when handled correctly.

Benefits Of Perks99 Corporate Order

Whether you’re an employer or employee, there’s one thing we’re confident about – you love food. Everyone needs to eat. We believe that food should be a source of pleasure, not just a necessity.

Corporate meal programs improve culture and boost morale.

A typical worker spends almost one-third of their day at work. Offering complimentary breakfast and lunch can boost their morale. Additionally, it will allow them to socialize and mingle.

Meal programs improve productivity and help with time management.

Did you ever decide to have a quick lunch, but it ended up being an hour-long break? You can encourage employees to stay around the office during their lunch breaks by providing lunches. They’ll be able to interact with colleagues and return to work on time.

Meals are an incentive to attract and retain top employees.

Companies that offer meal programs provide significant cost savings. A free meal is a big perk that people notice. Current employees and future candidates will consider these cost savings when calculating their total compensation package.

Sustainable food packaging.

Perks99’s sustainable food packaging helps reduce the number of plastic takeaway plates in the office garbage. Perks99 also offsets carbon emissions from every order.

Eco-Diner Membership

Your group will be auto-enrolled into the Perks99 Eco-Diners Membership and access sales and exclusive offers when ordering and dining with Perks99 restaurant partners.

(Usually, an individual must complete 99 orders to become a member)

By implementing Perks99 employee meal programs, today’s companies are turning an old obligation into a powerful tool for attracting new talent, boosting retention, and even reducing costs.


Corporate meal programs: How does it work?

Subscribe to a meal plan.

Subscribe to a meal plan, save up to 30%, and get free team delivery. Cancel or pause at any time.​

Invite your team.

Import the list of your team's emails. Easily remove or add new members – order lunch for all or selected groups.

Set up your programs.

Choose one-time orders or recurring daily, weekly, or monthly programs.

Perks99 offers corporate meal program solutions for companies to reward their employees with one-time or recurring meal credits. With Perks99, you can create a meal program that fits your budget.

Users can sign up through the app/website or by booking a call to chat about their specific needs with our experts by filling out a form here.

With Perks99, you’ll receive zero-waste lunches, discounts of up to 30% at your favorite restaurants, free delivery, and a customizable individual order labeled, bagged, and delivered together. We offset carbon emissions from every order with our sustainable bamboo food packaging.

Upon pickup, the courier places the meals in your workplace’s Perks99 temperature-controlled food pod. It will arrive at the scheduled time/date. For any group order delivery, Perks99 offers real-time support.

As soon as the meal arrives at the food pod, we will notify the team via text/WhatsApp. To pick up their warm, fresh, and delicious meal, members go to the pod and scan the assigned QR code.

It’ll depend on the order size. To deliver food to a different address, contact us here.

Yes, the admin who created the account can set a limit order. You don’t have to select one if you don’t need to.

It’ll depend on the order size. Contact us here if you need to order from multiple restaurants.

Yes, participants can modify their order.

Perks99, Inc.

The price per meal varies based on the plan selected.
The prices shown reflect the prices after deducting the discount percentage from the restaurants.